Why am I so shattered?

ISN’T RUNNING SUPPOSED TO ENERGISE ME… Why am I finding that after my runs I’m totally Zonked?

When we lace up those trainers and head out the door or press start on the treadmill our bodies aim to increase the hormones responsible for enhancing our mood- endorphins! These are released when we exert ourselves and help keep us on a natural feel good high for the rest of the day.

So, if you’re going through a stage where every run seems to be leaving you shattered then the answer lies in INTENSITY.

Pushing yourself too much can over burden your body and create an oxygen deficit as your muscles work extra hard to repair themselves. That’s definitely enough to offset any of the benefits of a hormonal high and leave you feel lethargic and even grumpy 🙁

Limit your max-effort workouts to twice a week ensuring you have at least one (preferably 2) day of rest between these big runs.

When you do go all out think about what you are eating afterwards… don’t be tempted to skip your next meal because you don’t feel like it or can’t stomach it; but rather consider foods higher in carbs.