£15,700 For Local Charities, Keep Er Lit

One of the most important occasions in the Keep Er Lit calendar occurred this week as KEL announced that £15,700 was handed out to very deserving causes, direct from the proceedings taken from Newell 10K & 5K 2019 events.

Keep Er Lit would like to thank all you who took part and paid their registration. That money has went directly to the nominated causes and as over 1400 participants entered in total, a significant donate amount was donated, that will have a major impact on the resources and the services the chosen causes can deliver.

Keep Er Lit would like to give a massive mention must go to all their sponsors’ contribution in making this event a real community driven, family focused occasion. Thank you to Mid-Ulster Council and the local councillors for their support and contribution to Newell 10k&5k. A carnival atmosphere was once again present in the town on race day and it is hoped this will only improve next year.

Many people helped to promote this family orientated event through, social media, print media and within the racing community- thank you so much as the final total was only possible due to the awareness you helped create and KEL hope to see you all again in 2020.

Finally, KEL would like to recognise the huge role Newell Stores have in making this event the success it is. Considerable costs are involved in hosting these races, not to mention the generous goodie bag, vests and hospitality which was all supplied by Newell Stores. It is due to this level of sponsorship that we are able to donate so much money to these worth causes.
The chosen causes have special relevance to our own membership. KEL would like to thank our nominated causes for their support and how they promoted our event within their own communities.

Pictured below are:

Linda Alexander (Cystic Fibrosis)

Sean Dillon (Primate Dixon Autism Specific Centre)

Lynsey Rollins (Macmillan Cancer)

Veronica Morris (Charis Cancer Care)

Petra Conway (Newell Stores)