Johnny’s First Sub 3 Hour Marathon

Ah, sure fr*g it. U only go sub 3 hours for 26.2 miles for the first time once in your life, and it took me until I was 49 & 3/4. 2:59:08, has a bit of a ring to it.

Supporting my mate Niall in his brilliant Not The Belfast Marathon SA Hospice fundraising.
Thanks so much to my great friends Jenna and Joe for coming to see me off and home and to my Sunday Long Run buddies, especially Fiona who always has a wee word or two of encouragement for me.

Wore my Berlin 2018 number, signed by fellow marathoners / partiers from that weekend Patrick Gillian Louise Jonny and Siobhan. What a few days they were.


Many thanks again. 2 years ago I told Robbie Marsh (I’m Inspirational Runner Podcast 26 – although mine is very underwhelming!!) that I thought I had a 3:30 in me. At the time my PB was 3:53 in Dublin.

And this last couple of years I’ve taken the approach of why should it always be other people doing these things, and it has worked for me. I’m not the fastest guy, I’m not the guy who can go furthest (although I’ve been 107 miles straight), but u start to get a belief in yourself that combined with hard work, and a bit of good coaching (I’m with Dromore AC) can just lead to u achieving some goals that would give u a little bit of pride. And that works for me.

Now onto getting further across Tennessee in the virtual race.

By Johnny Breen