Top Tips for Hill Sprints

from Athletics NI

With athletes currently having to alter their training programmes and the majority without access to the usual equipment at their training facility – many are turning to Plan B!

In terms of resisted accelerations, this can be as simple as hill sprints! These can help improve your acceleration mechanics by encouraging positions to overcome the incline and by applying forces in the appropriate direction to take you forwards!

Hill training can incorporate different distances..
•Shorter/Steeper hills
(e.g. 20-40m at 10-12% gradient)
focusing on acceleration

•Longer/flatter hills
(e.g. 60-100m at 6-8% gradient) focusing on improving strength and endurance for longer events

If you’re able to safely access a hill near your home – have a look at some of the top tips below….

(Thanks to sprinter Christian Robinson for providing his training videos)

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