The Inspirational Runner Interviews Sharon Gayter

I really don’t know where to start with Sharon, record holder of both the Jogle and the Mizen Head to Malin Head, winner of races such as the Hardmoors 110 miler, the Fire and Ice 250km race, The Himalayan LA Ultra The High Ultra, Commonwealth 24hr champion, Silver in the European 100k & 24hr with a 17 year career racing at the top for GB, but she hadn’t discovered her hidden talent until her early 20s and after a difficult up bringing she really recoloured her life through the sport of running.
Great epsiode that breaks down sports nutrition, training blocks, Castleward Back yard ultra, BadWater, The Jogle, The Himalayan LA Ultra The High, all other things relating to extreme ultra running. Super CV what hasn’t she done …..
* Scorcher Festival of Running, 7 marathons in 7 days, 1st lady, 2017
* Mauna 2 Mauna Ultra 250km, 2nd lady, 2017
* Orta 10 marathons in 10 days, Italy, second lady, 2016
* Hardmoors 110 miles, first lady 2016
* World Record for running 12 hrs on a treadmill, 2015
* 6 Day Circuit, South Africa, first lady, second person, 2014
* Fire and Ice Ultra 250km, first person, 2013
* Ocean Floor Race, 160 miles, ladies winner 2013 (2nd overall)
* Grand to Grand Ultra, 167 miles, first lady 2012
* World record, running from Mizen Head to Malin Head, Ireland, 346 miles in 4 days, 1 hr, 39 mins
* World record for running 7 days on a treadmill, 833km.
* Winner of The High, 222km in the Himalayas, new course record by over 11 hours
* British 6 day road record and winner of Athens race 2011
* De Zestig van Texel 120km 2011, ladies winner and fastest time by a GB athlete
* Hardmoors 110, ladies winner and female course record 2011
* Trans-Slovenia Winter Edition, ladies winner, 2010
* Commonwealth 24 Hour Champion 2009
* Badwater Ultramarathon 2009, fastest time ever by a GB person
* British Indoor 24 Hour Record, 2008, Bislett Stadium, Oslo
* Marathon des Sables 2008
* Libyan Challenge ladies winner 2008
* Libyan Challenge ladies winner 2007
* LEJOG WorldRecord Holder, 2006
* Finisher of the Verdon Canyon Challenge 2006
* Finisher of the Transalpine run, 2005
* Bronze medallist in National 100km Championships 2005
* Became Centurian 1006 at Colchester 2004
* Winner of the Moravian Ultra Marathon 2004 (7 marathons in 7 days)
* Finished the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge 2003
* British 100km Champion 1994, 2002
* AAA of England 24 Hour Champion 1994, 1997, 1998
* British 24 Hour Champion 1997, 1998
* Team silver medallist at European 100km Championships 1995
* Team silver medallist at European 24 Hour Championships 1996, 1998
* Team bronze medallist at European 100km Championships 1997
* Ladies Winner for England at Anglo-Celtic Plate 1999
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