It’s All About Balance ⚖ (Part 2)

By Sharon, Find me on Instagram @runningmummyni

It was January 2018 and of course like everyone else the usual guilt of feeling so unhealthy after eating too much at Christmas had set in????????????????  plus the fact i was struggling to get back to running ????‍♀️after a year out!! I had a 2 year old boy and a 6 month old baby girl????‍????‍????who were particularly clingy to their mummy in the evenings so i found it hard to leave them to get to club training (mum guilt is a real thing????‍♀️).

When I saw “mothers & others” C25k was going to be run (pardon the pun????)in the mornings I couldn’t believe my luck ???? I could finally get to run and the kids could come too, it was a win win????‍♀️????‍????‍????

The program helped me to gradually build myself back up again, honestly, i felt like i had never ran in my life before (I couldn’t wait till hear Irwin (RIP) blow his whistle twice to let us walk????‍♀️????) In saying that tho I actually looked forward to a Monday and Friday morning to get out and meet with the group,   not only was I exercising, it was a great way to socialise with a great bunch of people!!

I felt myself getting stronger each week and with all the help and encouragement of my fellow runners I completed my c25k and in not a bad time of 27.38 considering when I first started I couldn’t even run for a full 5 minutes????????!!!WHAT A FEELING???????? At that moment i remembered why i started 9 weeks earlier.  Not only did i see the physical benefits to this but the mental 1’s too!

The buzz is a such a drive to keep going plus the friendships???? u make are an added bonus, I have never enjoyed running more!!????

I was never so glad to get back out with my  “running buddies” from our club Acorns Ac ???? I had missed getting out the girls so much, we had become good friends???????????? and always stayed in touch but it was just the icing on the cake to be able to run with them again and was actually able to keep up with them (or maybe they just slowed the pace????????)

Its mental health awareness week and I  know becoming a mum brought worries I never knew possible, so for me Running is my therapy!! My advice for any new mum???? out there , whether you ran previously and find it hard to get back or you have never ran a day in your life but u need just that little something to get out the door and have a little “me time” Go for it honestly you will never regret trying!!The 1 thing I would say tho is  D’ONT compare yourself to others, you know your own body do it when you’re ready, You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain????