Corona Virus Solo 5k Challenge – Week 8 Leaderboard

After 8 weeks we have 126 runners registered for the Weekly Age Graded 5k Challenge, it’s FREE to enter, just follow the intructions here:

David Clarke has now taken over top spot with a time of 16.46 and age graded score of 95.66.
Irene Clements is 2nd with a time of 19.47 and age grading of 95.34
Sarah Avery is 3rd with a time of 19.00 and age grading of 94.04.

Fastest male is still Chris Madden 14.49.
Fastest female is still Jessica Craig 17.04.

Leading U16 is Jack McCausland with a time of 16.10 and age grading of 86.11

Full Age Graded leaderboard and also fastest male and female and also U16 page now added here:…/1gEsHTk5z0-veb6u5iP_0sGkaj…/view…