Mental Health in Athletes as We Emerge from COVID-19

Dear NI Running Readers,

My name is Christopher Knowles and together with my research team at Ulster University I am conducting a survey of the possible differences in athlete and non-athlete mental health as we emerge from COVID-19.

As of yet there is a significant lack of quality research into athlete mental health at this time. We hope to address this point and improve our understanding of the psychological implications of the pandemic and impact of social distancing measures for athletes across the UK and Ireland.

Study title: Exploring athlete and non-athlete differences in resilience, anxiety, depression and loneliness as we emerge from a global pandemic.

You are being asked to take part in an MSc research study on the differences in athlete and non-athlete mental health since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey will be conducted by Christopher Knowles (an MSc student at Ulster University) and supervised by Dr Gavin Breslin.

You can take the survey here –

Your input and time are greatly appreciated, thank you.