Corona Virus Solo 5k Challenge – Week 13 Leaderboard

5k Age Graded Leaderboard as at 27 June 20.…/1gEsHTk5z0-veb6u5iP_0sGkaj…/view…

Irene Clements leads with a score of 99.35% closely followed by Tommy Hughes in 99.11%. There are 11 athletes now with scores over 90%. Time wise, 3 males have gone sub 15 mins and 14 have broken 16 mins. 2 females have run sub 18 mins and 8 have run sub 19 mins. Great running by everyone no matter what time you have posted, please keep them coming in even if you have run the 5k for another virtual race or club time trial, you can post it here as well.

Full details on how to enter and rules can be found here: