The Active Runner Free Online Magazine #bebrightbesafebeseen safety campaign is back for another year. The campaign which won an award from the NI Road Safety Awards in 2017 from its old facebook page Get Active Down Armagh is now in its 5th year of spreading this very important message, Spokesperson for the campaign Kevin Gallagher says we continue to notice people not wearing the proper or no reflective gear and lights at all while out walking and running in the dark. The campaign would like to ask all runners and walkers to support this campaign, simply by wearing the proper reflective gear and lights for others to follow your lead. We would like to see this campaign grow each year and get more organizations involved

 Most runners /walkers don’t realize that they are virtually invisible at dusk, dawn, and at night. Many figures that since they can see, they can be seen. Unfortunately, motorists have an extremely hard time seeing people in poor lighting conditions. not only does it get darker earlier at this time of year and stay darker for longer, but the weather conditions also add to the problems. A runner wearing reflective clothing can be seen by a driver using dipped headlights up to 200 meters away, but the same runner only wearing dark clothes could be just 10 meters from the car before the driver sees them
Now you can help spread this important message and also be in with a chance of winning a place at The DUNE Virtual Half Marathon by taking a photo in reflective gear and headlight and PM to us at or email
and we will make a poster for you to share online and also be entered into a draw for 2 places for Dune Virtual Half Marathon. Once your poster is made and sent, please use the hashtag  #bebrightbesafebeseen online. The draw will take place on Friday 25th September.We would like to thank everyone who took part in our posters for the campaign and a special thanks to Sinead Reel who has been with the campaign from day one as the face of the campaign, we now have more new faces helping the campaign this year and helping spread this very important message with Jacqueline McGonigle on
the front cover of the magazine and also Declan Leung, Maeve Kenny, Jill Mccann, and Neil McSorley and Thank you to Dermot Winters and Barry Duffy for the great prize from The Dune Virtual Half Maraton team.