2020 Backyard Ultra Championship Underway

UK Team Members : Gareth King, Ian Hillsden, Johnny Breen & Colleen Thompson.

The 2020 Big Dogs Backyard Ultra Championship is underway. The object sounds simple, run a 4.167 mile loop every hour on the hour until one runner is the Last One Standing, but there is nothing simple about this massive athletic challenge when day turns into night turns into day again and so on. The record holder is Johan Steene from Sweeden with 68 laps.

This year Backyard Ultras are happing at the same time in 28 countries across the globe and it could well into Monday before we know who can go the furthest. You can keep up with all the action via live streams at –


The British and Irish teams are competing at Florida Manor, just outside Lisbane, Co. Down.

Team Ireland on Loop 1