The Parkrun Resolution

There’s no doubt that it has been an incredibly challenging year for us all. As we look ahead optimistically to the New Year, we all need opportunities to nurture ourselves and the health of our communities. We would love for you to join us in doing just that, through The parkrun Resolution.

Launching on Monday 4 January, The parkrun Resolution is an eight week, global campaign to encourage everyone, no matter who they are or where they live, to take steps towards a more active, healthy future. The steps can be big or small, they can involve walking, running or another activity entirely. We would love to see people pledging to help people in their community achieve a new goal or make a family resolution to get outside and move that little bit more. Those who aspire to walk a few minutes each day could aim to do just that, whilst more experienced parkrunners might want to improve their 5k time and can join with others to achieve that dream. There really are no rules, just a shared passion for making the new year the start of something special.

During the eight weeks we will be providing huge doses of encouragement, guidance and motivation, and calling on people to share their #parkrunresolution passion with everyone they meet, whether that is in person or virtually.

And that’s where the club can come in. If the club wants to set up groups within restrictions led by a LIRF or if ordinary members just commit to meeting a group to exercise and socialise twice weekly for the eight weeks of the programme. Everyone concerned can register for parkrun and choose your club, then their activity can be logged as (not)parkruns and their name will appear in weekly parkrun results against the club name. Hopefully at the end of the programme these new people will want to carry on and feed into your club sessions.

We would love your support in encouraging as many people as possible to get involved and, of course, to take part yourself. Thanks, as always, for your ongoing support, and all the very best for a brighter 2021.

Join the parkrun Resolution