1ZER01 Athletes extend a warm welcome to ‘YOU’ to join us on our January ’21 fundraising challenge!

In January 2019 we came together as a group to raise a fantastic £1800 for a local cancer charity. This January more than 40 members of our group and our families are taking part in another charity pledge to kickstart 2021 and to keep us all active and motivated whilst helping us through these next few weeks of Covid restrictions.
The chosen charity on this occasion will be ‘Friends of the Cancer Centre’. The charity’s work focuses on three key areas – patient care, patient comfort and research – and their work supports the services provided by the Health Service. In the last year the charity has invested £1.2 million into local cancer services through the life-saving and life-changing work they support. If you would like to read more about what the Friends of Cancer Centre does for Cancer patients and their families here, please visit https://www.friendsofthecancercentre.com/how-we-help/
The challenge this year will be to record an activity of at least 31 active minutes duration each day of January. You can go for a walk????????… a run ????????‍♀️ … row ????‍♂️ … a swim ????‍♀️ … some yoga ????‍♀️ … a cycle ????????????️‍♂️ lift some weights … shoot some hoops ???? – there are no limits just as long as all activities are within the current CV19 guidelines. It would be a nice idea to keep a record ???? of all your activities either on your fitness watch ⌚️ or in a diary.
What would really make this month more fulfilling is to complete some activities which you don’t normally do. It would be great to involve others were possible such as someone from your own household / bubble or you could even simply encourage just one other person to take on this challenge for 31 consecutive days.
All you need to do to sign up is send our Coach, David Somerville, an email to davidsomerville101@hotmail.com to simply say ‘I’m in’! There is no cost! If you’d like to pledge an amount to Friends of the Cancer Centre, this is completely up to each individual and you may use the fundraising link provided above. There is no minimum expected – simply what you can afford.
We look forward to setting off with you into 2021 with a renewed focus. Thank you for taking the time to read and we are very grateful if you are able to leave a donation for Friends of the Cancer Centre.
David Somerville – 1ZER01 Athletes