Trail Running Tips from Runcr8

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people are put off trail running. It seems scary at first! But done safely, it can be one of the most exciting thing you can do as a runner. A “trail” doesn’t have to be more vertical than horizontal. In fact it can, and really should to start, be a nice flat dirt path. Easy to navigate, but good for allowing your feet and legs to get used to a whole new set of strains!
As the ground is not as even as the road, your foot lands at different angles. Each minute change in angle makes your muscles and tendons work differently. So ease in with flatter dirt paths. And slow down!
One of the main aims of trail, is not to break records (or legs for that matter.). It’s to get out in nature. Release your inner child. Where possible (hard in the current climate.) you should not run alone. But at the very least you should carry your mobile phone, and some ID with you.
It’s better to be prepared than sorry. So hydration and some form of energy bar or gel is a must. Also important is a good pair of trail running shoes. These tend to be more robust, with extra grip.
The closeness to nature is a fantastic tonic for the soul, and as long as you are being sensible and safe, you will run with a smile on your face and a lightness you just don’t get on the road.
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Happy running,