Saturday, November 28, 2020
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High Performance Networks formed October 2015 by MD Paul Hagan with offices in Belfast and Dublin, our business is based on building strategic partners not just customers.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers, providing honest impartial advice.

With 10 years’ experience delivering solutions worldwide, one member of our staff has worked in 44 countries and 150 different cities delivering multi million pound projects.

It is our mission to bring SME’s throughout the UK & Ireland High Performance Networking Solutions at a price that fits their budget.

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[list icon=”steadysets-icon-checkmark”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Virtualisation”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Telephony “][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Business Continuity”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Disaster Recovery & Infrastructure”][/list]
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