Beeline Healthcare Vitamins Help Improve Health for Runners

Most runners understand that diet and nutrition are essential elements of athletic performance and good health. It is important that the body gets the key nutrients and vitamins to function well. While a healthy balanced diet is key, vitamins and supplements can provide the extra support that we all need.
Northern Ireland Running spoke to Beeline Healthcare (, Ireland’s leading vitamins brand, to get the lowdown on some of the most popular vitamins and supplements.

Vitamin B
Beeline Healthcare explained that vitamin B is important for energy and muscle function. There are actually eight B vitamins. These provide energy by supporting good metabolism, which converts food into fuel for the body. They also assist red blood cell production for pumping oxygen around the body for muscle function. B vitamins also support a healthy nervous system to help with brain and body function. B vitamins are important nutrients for runners to perform at their best.
Beeline B Complex with Vitamin C and Minerals Effervescent Tablets ( provides the body with the key B vitamins using a zest energy formula in a flavoured drink.

Iron is an essential mineral. It is required to produce healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body. This is very important for athletics. Beeline Iron Capsules ( reduce tiredness and fatigue with sustained release of iron throughout the day.

Multivitamins are a popular diet supplement for good general health. B Vitamins, Iron and Magnesium help boost energy levels. Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc help the immune system function. Calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium are vital for healthy bones. Iron, Calcium and Vitamin D help with healthy blood. Thiamine and Magnesium help with heart health. Calcium helps the body with digestion. Beeline Multivitamins ( provide a supplement with 25 key nutrients for health and wellbeing.

Beeline Vitamins and Supplements
Beeline Healthcare were voted Ireland’s number one brand for Vitamins and Minerals in 2020. They are an Irish manufacturer of nutritional products for over 30 years. Beeline’s vitamins, supplements and nutritional products are available online at