Monday, September 16, 2019

Apex Clinic: The truth about stretching:

The Truth about Stretching: Picture the scene: a runner in shorts and vest, diligently limbering up by stretching in many different positions before setting off into the distance.  We’ve all seen it and in fact, many of us may be...

Apex Clinic: Don’t let recurrent hamstring trouble stop you in your tracks:

Don’t let recurrent hamstring pain stop you in your tracks: We know, from years of experience of treating runners of all levels at Apex Clinic, that recurrent hamstring pain (or pain in the back of the thigh) is something that...

Meet the new NiRunning ‘Physio Room’ hosts… Apex Clinic (Belfast):

The team from Apex Clinic at your service: The team at Apex Clinic is delighted to be opening our doors (online) this week as resident physiotherapy partner in the Physio Room at! Our specialist sports injury physiotherapists are looking forward...


8 Extremely useful tips for running beginners

Top Tip(s) Tuesday!! Here are our 8 EXTREMELY useful tips for running beginners… Forget the past- Do not be unrealistic and expect an immediate return...

Preventing Calf Injuries

Why am I so shattered?