Congratulations to this weeks Inspirational Runner Fiona Oaks!????????

Inspiring in so many ways, co founder of one of the UK’s largest running groups ‘Vegan Runners’, she graces a 2:38 marathon pb holds four Guinness World Records, which includes winning the North Pole Marathon finishing 8th in the Amsterdam marathon, and a top 20 finish in London.

You have to know Fiona to know how remarkable she is, no coaches, no time off, she looks after over 600 animals at her sanctuary and only eats one vegan meal a day after she has tended to all her animals and to top it all off she lost her knee cap in her teens where she was told she will never walk again let alone become an elite runner on the world stage.

She truly is a remarkable genuine person who runs purely for the love of the animals, if you have not yet seen her film ‘Running for Good’ then I’d highly recommend it currently showing on amazon prime, which is a documentary based film following Fiona through her exploits during the Marathon de Sables.

Unassuming, the girl next door, genuine, heart warming, forever giving, defies all odds…tune in next Friday 1st May to hear her amazing story #FionaOaks

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