England team announced for upcoming Armagh International:


England team announced for Armagh International road races:

England Athletics are pleased to announce that two teams of three athletes have been selected for the Armagh International Road race on Thursday 19th February 2015.  In addition there are three other development group athletes attending to gain valuable experience.

Men’s team:

– Richard Weir (Club: Derby, Coach: Spencer Duval)

– John Beattie (Club: Newham & Essex Beagles, Coach: Gavin Smith)

– Luke Gunn (Club: Derby, Coach: Bud Baldaro)

Women’s team:

– Gemma Hillier (Club: Charnwood, Coach: Alex Hains)

– Racheal Bamford (Club: Leeds City, Coach: Mike Baxter)

– Rachel Felton (Club: Shaftesbury Barnet/Stroud, Coach: Christopher Frapwell)

Development team:

– Daniel Haymes (Club: Derby, Coach: Chris Woodhouse)

– Chris Parr (Club: Gateshead, Coach: Lindsay Dunn)

– Ellie Stevens (Club: Birchfield Harriers, Coach: Tony Stevens / Kelly Sotherton)

The men’s 5k and women’s 3k event are each an international affair with teams from Europe and the USA competing in the round the city loop.  The men compete just over 4 laps and the women just over 2. All of the athletes selected are in good current form so England Athletics are expecting good strong performances from them all.

England Team manager and EA road running event coordinator Spencer Duval said, “The team will have a great opportunity to run fast against tough competition in this tightly packed and adrenalin filled spectator friendly course. The event is slightly different to the usual road race format with multiple laps over short distances so it should suit the track biased athletes more.”

Story taken from England Athletics website HERE.