Helios IT staff members ready for Lisburn 10k challenge!

Helios IT staff members set for Lisburn 10k challenge:

As the Lisburn 10k gets closer, it’s time to feature the second of our two runners from www.nirunning.co.uk sponsors Helios IT.

After speaking with Grainne Fitzpatrick last week (check out Grainne’s interview HERE), it’s the turn of Barry Meakin.

Staff from Helios IT, the primary sponsor of www.nirunning.co.uk, will take on the upcoming Lisburn 10k road race as part of their drive towards introducing a healthier work environment.

Recently, Helios IT installed a treadmill in their Lisburn office, which allows staff to work while walking on the adapted machine – staff can also use the treadmill to fit training in during breaks.  This initiative has led to an upsurge in physical activity, with staff also getting outside and exercising at lunchtime.

In 2017, we (www.nirunning.co.uk) teamed up with Helios IT, a Northern Ireland based company who specialise in IT support and cloud services for local business.  Since then, the partnership has allowed NiRunning to modernise our operations, with a new website and the facility to publish stories from any location.

Lets speak to BARRY MEAKIN and see how he is preparing for the challenge:

What is your background in sport?

I have run for charities at a few events, e.g. Great run Run (Newcastle), and multiple 10k’s in Manchester and Liverpool, raising money for McMillan and the Stroke Association. I began running following the loss of my mother with my main goal being to fundraise for the people who helped my mother in her time of need.

Why did you decide to take on this challenge? 

I have a real love for running and the health drive within Helios IT has provided me with set goals and a team 10k challenge is a brilliant idea.

What does a week’s training look like for you now? 

I currently run 3 to 4 times a week in the local area with an average distance of 7k – 8K. I started training about 1.5 months ago, and I have now already run the Enniskillen 10k this year.

Do you have any hopes or expectations for the Lisburn event? 

To inspire my children and myself to remain active and healthy. My little boy Jack has just started running, which gives me pride and hope for the future with both boys (Bobby and Jack)

Will you continue to run after it? 

Yes, I see the real benefits of running again for my health and wellbeing. Plus I have also embraced the local area with more knowledge of seeing the history as I make my way around the local running paths.

What benefits has the health initiative introduced by Helios bring to you and your colleagues? 

For me, it’s a great drive to be healthy but also to keep enjoying life as well. It’s inspired me to get out more and see what’s happening. I intend to lead a really active life and hope to encourage my children to see the outdoor opportunities as well.

A word from NiRunning:  We’d like to wish the Helios IT team a massive GOOD LUCK at the Lisburn 10k!