IAU Awards 2021 Gold Label Status to Belfast Runs 24 Hour Event

Belfast Runs has announced that the 2021 Belfast 24 Hour International Race has been awarded the Gold Label status by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU).
The Gold Label is the coveted standard for ultrarunning events. The Belfast 24 Hour Event had achieved the Gold Label status as ‘Energia 24’ with Left Field being awarded gold in 2019 thereby placing Belfast firmly on the Ultra Running world map.
The IAU introduced the IAU labelling in 2008 to ensure all ultramarathon routes are measured to conform to Word Athletics (IAAF) regulations. Only performances in the IAU labelled races will be recognised officially by the IAU and World Athletics.
The Belfast Runs, 6 hour, 50k and 100 mile events which will be run alongside the 24 Hour event have been awarded Bronze Status. Race Directors are Norman Wilson and Adrian Daye.
‘It’s great to retain the Gold Label for the Belfast 24 Hour event that Ed Smith worked on getting for the Energia 24 event. This event is also the Irish 24 Hour Championship. We hope to work over the next few years on getting the 12 Hour , 6 Hour and the 100mile events up to the standard of the Gold Label.’ Adrian Daye.