It’s All About Balance ⚖ (Part 1)

I began running nearly 6 years ago, when I had only myself to think about, I could run????‍♀️ when I wanted, where I wanted and for how long i wanted⏳  looking back I only wish I had took full advantage of that????

July 2014 I completed my first parkrun in 31 minutes and Il never forget that buzz of completing my 1st ever 5k!????For years I could never understand why my dad loved running so much, until that moment when I crossed that line!!

I had just moved back from London and my dad had me in an Acorns top before I knew it???? and within weeks I was completing in road races before I could give it a second thought! 8 months of inconsistent training(I had set up my own business ????‍♀️in this time and it had to be a priority) a few races here and there, I completed the Queens 5k in 23.12, little did I know it would be the last 5k road race for a while????????

Now a few years older and maybe a little bit wiser???? with 2 small children every run is so precious and planned right down to the last T!!

I remember after having my 1st little boy ???? thinking il be out running again in no time, boy was I wrong!!???? I very foolishly thought my fitness would just return, sure ‘your woman down the road’ was back running after a few weeks, but I learnt the hard way NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME!! He was 6months old before I properly got back and even then it just wasnt the same! Like every new mum I hated leaving him, it was bad enough leaving him to go to work????‍♀️ but that was essential, not like running, it was just for my own benefit so the “mum guilt” took over and Id miss training sessions so everytime Id did go out it felt hard and I most times I didnt even enjoy it????‍♀️ and before long I pregnant again so that was the running out the window!!

Fast forward ⏩ 1 year and my little girl???? was 6 months and my wee boy was only 2, ????‍♂️ I decided it was time to get back to running and so I started a c25k with a group called “mothers and others” and It was the best thing I ever could have done!!

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