It’s All About Balance (Part 3)

2018 was a year of running I  will never forget!????????‍♀️ I’m such a competitive person so for me my goal was to get back to “pre-baby” fitness and beat my long standing 5k PB of 23.12⏱

When I graduated from my c25k my wee boy had not long turned 2????‍♂️ and my baby girl was still only 7 months ???? and neither of them slept  through the night???? so there were no 10-12 hours sleep a night like before! ???? I also didn’t have the same free time to train, I had to work around hubby’s working hours plus I worked 2/3 days a week myself but I ran when I could and soon we got into a routine which allowed me to even get to evening trainings with the club once a week ????

The more I ran, ????‍♀️the faster I got, the bigger the buzz!!???? Over the summer months I went to every race possible and continued to chip away at my times⏱

(Above Great Rossa Run, Below Edwin May 5 Mile Coleraine)

I had upped my miles and most weekends I was doin 8- 10 miles so it was time to set myself some new goals, I had got a new 5mile and 10k PB (I really had only completed 1 of each of these pre-babies)and  was well on my way to hitting my 5k PB!!????

I had ways dreamed???? of doing a half marathon so that’s what I set my sights on!! Being a mum meant things can change very quickly and its hard to plan too far in advance so instead of booking anything too soon, I started to follow a plan, which suited me and my family at that time ????‍????‍????‍???? and hoped for the best I’d get to book a few weeks before the event!!

At the end of August I entered a Facebook competition to win and entry in the Ealing Half Marathon over in London, never did I imagine I would actually win it????????  This really was a dream come true, I had lived here for a few years previously and I was so excited to be going back to my “London home”  to compete in my 1st half marathon.

So the week before the half I decided to take part in my local Parkrun, something I would love to do more but with work commitments????‍♀️ its not always possible! I had been training well and was feeling good, so I went for and I did it,????????that was the day I finally rang the PB bell???? for my 5k,  23.12 was now 22.47 ????????

There was just 1 more goal for 2018 left to go, Ealing Half Marathon……