Meet the new NiRunning ‘Physio Room’ hosts… Apex Clinic (Belfast):


The team from Apex Clinic at your service:

The team at Apex Clinic is delighted to be opening our doors (online) this week as resident physiotherapy partner in the Physio Room at!

Our specialist sports injury physiotherapists are looking forward to answering your questions in real time during our ‘live’ session on the first Thursday of every month on the NiRunning Facebook page.  We will posting our monthly blog here, in the Physio Room, on how to TREAT and BEAT many of the common running injuries that we see every day in our clinic.

We aim to provide as interactive, proactive, and as helpful a service as possible here in the Physio Room.

If you have any running or sports injuries, or any particular area of sports medicine, injury prevention/rehabilitation that you want us to cover, we would be glad to hear from you.  Please drop us an email at and let us know what you would most like to hear about.

Introducing Apex Clinic:

Based close to the Stormont Estate in East Belfast, Apex Clinic is Ireland’s leading physiotherapy and sports injury clinic.  Treating patients for over 15 years, we have many top club runners, recreational runners and sportspeople from many other disciplines travelling from all over Ireland to see us.  Drawing inspiration from Australian and New Zealand physiotherapy clinics, Apex Clinic provides a one-stop solution for all aches and pains and health and fitness needs.  Our high success rate speaks volumes for our dedication to getting our patients back in to action as soon as possible.

Meet the Team: 

We have an experienced team of 6 full-time physiotherapists, massage and sports therapists, chiropodists, podiatrists and dieticians, treating spinal and neck problems, sports injuries, headaches, conditions of the feet and other pains in people of all ages, as well as offering extensive sports injury rehabilitation programmes.

For full info on what we do, please take a moment to have a look at: or visit us on Facebook: