On the Run from The Crum – The Winning Route

by Michael Regan
2008 I entered my first Marathon with little to no training.  I didn’t run much after it until a few years of  causeway coast marathons also the half marathon. The next step for me was the Causeway Ultra. I knew I couldn’t get away with bluffing it and that was the start of my ultra run training. I completed the Causeway Ultra in Sept 2018. From then to now I have entered a few more marathons, a 6 hour challenge at the East Antrim Marathon series and a 50k Trail Ultra. While trying to gain knowledge on Ultra run training.  I found a massive community out there all racing week in week out with stories of amazing feats of human endurance. Many books, videos, groups and podcasts pop up with everyone’s own idea of the right way to go about it. What you learn quickly is everyone is different and training or even racing is different for everyone.
So why a 24 hour?
I went to watch a couple of 24 hour events at Mary Peters and Victoria Park in Belfast.  I always thought that would be the ultimate in running.  Around a track or park just didn’t have the appeal to me.  I was in awe of the vast range of people who run in these.
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