‘Spirit of Running’…..Under Starters Orders!

Anyone reading this article on NiRunning Page will need no reminding how popular running has become.  People of all abilities are taking to roads and trails to experience all that running brings to our lives. From Park Runners to Ultra Runners, we are all proud to be part of the running community in Northern Ireland.

Running has created a huge network of like-minded people, helped form and strengthen friendships and created a sense of camaraderie like nothing else.

Running has also provided many people with a focus and positive outlet in which they can set and achieve personal goals. Running has undoubtedly made a profound difference in the health and well-being of our communities.

Spirit of Running is a new initiative that will seek to celebrate all that is positive about our running community in a unique and special way.

We invite you to follow our new social media links and invite your fellow runners to do also as we begin to share with you more about what is behind the vision.

Facebook: @spiritofrunningni

Twitter: @SoRAwardsNI

Our thanks to George from NiRunning for agreeing to share this article and support the initiative.

Fergal O’Donnell

Founder, Spirit of Running