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Please continue to email all your local MLA ,Councilors and MP’s . keep this active and talked about and on the agenda table .. The more impact the better it s not just seen as a one of but a continued campaign to get this fully overturned. #supportrunningevents

Why we need this addressed ……….

1. Massive Decline in road runs

2. Mental health issues

3.Social aspect of running

4.Charities affected by events being cancelled…Charities have seen a massive drop since 2017..

5.Business it supports ..Timing companies/shops in towns of events ie coffee shops cafes/ b&b/ hotels . petrol stations with travelling runners. there is lots of companies that will lose out.

6.Family day out to enjoy sport and encourage your kids for the future

7.Running Clubs will see members drop if no events to go to.

8.People looking at events in their town would take up running due to the excitement of an event in your town.

9. The pride it can give to an area that can showcase their event will have gone.

10.The running tourist will be lost as many now travel to events from all over and they go home and speak very highly from the place they visited.

by Kevin Gallagher

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