Troll Bridge

Here at Gaithouse Events we know our entrants appreciate us going the extra mile or 2.548, so we’ve done just that to give you an in-depth analysis of the 4.1km Florida Manor course you’re about to become very familiar with.

We promised you multi-terrain, and it’s hard to argue you’re not getting bang for your buck with:

1306m of tarmac
1433m of coarse stones / gravel
1117m of grass / cross country
44m of loose pebbles
200m of rubber. Yes, really. You’ll see.

The total positive elevation per loop is 68m, which is almost entirely concentrated between two hills which we’ve creatively named Heartbreak Hill A and Heartbreak Hill B. Don’t worry too much about Heartbreak Hill A; by the time Heartbreak Hill B rolls around, you’ll be wondering why you got so upset. Until the next loop.

The linked GPX file should give you an idea of what you’re in for, though do note that we’ve slightly tweaked the order and direction of a couple of sections to make things flow better (we had to remove a double bridge crossing as bartering with the troll twice per lap would really affect times).

In all seriousness though, the grounds are stunning and we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy your time running there, whether you’re intending to run a few hours or going for the win. Looking forward to welcoming you all on 12th September!

By Ian Brian

Headline Sponsor : Sugarcane Cafe Bistro, Comber. Also DAC Running.

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