Your Halloween Virtual Run, Sorted

The Legend of Stingy Jack is an old tale in Ireland.

It’s where the tradition of carving pumpkins originated, but way back it wasn’t carved pumpkins, it was turnips that lit the way through the dark Halloween night.

We have based our Halloween Medal off an old Carved Turnip that was found many years ago preserved in a bog….its everything you’d expect for this time of the year… CREEPY!

To earn this one you have to complete 3.1 miles by the 31st October and we have amazing Trophies available for this too in a range of categories!

Choose wisely!

????‍♀️Zombies Zoom(10:00 mins per mile or slower)

????Cheating Imps (Go for it…use your impish ways to cheat to the best time on foot!)

????The Walking Dead (No running allowed… solely for our walkers)

????Flying Ghosts (9:59 mins per mile or quicker)

????Stingy Jack’s Race (Fancy dress race, no worry about time – our own three ghouls will pick the winners in this category!)

If you have completed 10 or more of our previous challenges, drop a PM before signing up for a 33% discount code!

Happy Halloween
Dec and Emma
Vampire Running NI

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