Championchip Ireland Race Updates

Hi runners. Unfortunately we have some more bad news to bring you on this Friday evening.

Due to the latest NI Executive restrictions, which are due to come into effect on 27th November, we have no other option but to cancel our 28th November event at Down Royal, and further postpone our Lisburn Festival Of Running at Maze Long Kesh on 5th December.

We also plan to postpone our 19th December event, rather than risk further changes, should the circuit breaker be extended beyond the planned two weeks.

All runners who have currently entered one of our events will receive an email in the coming days, with details of your refund or rearranged events. Please keep an eye on your inbox. A summary of our plans can be found below:

Entrants for the event due to be held next Saturday 28th November at Down Royal will receive a refund subject to the refund policy of Athletics NI, who took entries through their portal.

Entrants to the Lisburn Festival Of Running on 5th December will be deferred to our two day festival of running on 29th and 30th December. We will announce the venue once it has been confirmed. Entries for the 19th December event at Down Royal will also be deferred to the 29th and 30th December also. Entries for this event have been closed until we receive further guidance.

In summary:

???? 28th November ➡️ cancelled – refunds to be issued
???? 5th December ➡️ postponed to 29th-30th December
???? 19th December ➡️ postponed to 29th-30th December

At the moment, it is not financially possible for us to refund all entry fees for these events, as some payments have already been made by us in advance. With this in mind, we hope that runners will continue to support us by being patient, as you all have done in the midst of this crisis.

Thank you for your patience – we will be in touch via email soon!

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