Preventing Calf Injuries

Top Tip Tuesday….

And we are throwing back to our article last week where we learnt that the calf is the most common injury for runners sitting at 25% of all associated injuries!

Here’s a quick revision on how you can help prevent a calf injury in your running training:

  • STRETCH, stretch, stretch and don’t forget at Cool down too. Hold for 20-30 secs X 3reps
  • STRENGTHEN with ‘heel raises- 15 X 3 reps ‘ and ‘farmers walks- 1 Min X 3’.
  • FOAM ROLL begin with a Smooth surfaced roller and over time progress to a Firmer ridged firmer. 2 minutes each muscle group 3-5 X week.
  • SPORTS MASSAGE- nothing beats a professional getting stuck into those tender and tight spots to loosen you up, break up scar tissue and keep you in fine form!
  • STRENGTH & CONDITIONING- Find a class near you … there are plenty of fab ones out there.