Save Our Road Races in Northern Ireland

Please share and sign …..

At the 500 mark now folks, i know there is more than 500 runners out there… keep signing and sharing …When we meet MLA’s on this issue this will back us up more …. make your name count for the sport you love ….

Please sign this petition to show your support on the issue of the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly enacted an Order, commencing the special events provisions of the Roads (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Northern Ireland) 2010. These provisions became effective on the 4th September 2017 that has had a massive impact on the fall of Running roads races in Northern Ireland . SDLP Minister for Infrastructure Nichola Mallon MLA has agreed to review the Road Closure Legislation, but we still want to see this over the line and have added pressure to make sure that this does not go on for year’s ,as we do not have the time to see other events fall by the wayside and our sport suffer anymore.

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