This Weeks Inspirational Runner is Richard Nunan : Podcast Episode 111

Congratulations to this weeks Inspirational Runner Richard Nunan.

With UTMB race announcement planned for the 20th May I thought it would be a great idea to unpack each of the top four races that are currently scheduled for the last week of Aug, PTL, UTMB, TDS & CCC

There was no one more suited to this job than Ireland’s very own Richard Nunan, who has crossed the finish line in PTL, UTMB & TDS last year, throw in to the equation Tour de Geant and we have the perfect candidate.

There is a significant DNF rate in these races last year alone seen PTL (24% DNF) UTMB (39%DNF) TDS (395DNF) CCC (26% DNF) TDG (60%) so its remarkable that Richard managed to cross the finish line in each race.

**The Inspirational Runner Podcast : Episode #111**

In this episode which will be released today 9th May we lean on Richard’s experinece to gain an insight into each race, Richard is also the race director for the Mullins Way Ultra and has a strong back ground with good times in all distances.

Fingers crossed they can make something happen for those in for this year, if not hopefully this episode will give you a deeper insight into what’s required to be successful in world most challenging and epic trail running festival.

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